Thursday, September 25, 2008


Chanel has definitely put the icing on the cake with this "bright" innovation. The design of the shoe is not the greatest but the technological innovative part is what makes it so genius. Funniest thing, the shoe is only 2,200 buckaroos. Not only is the price very good for the ladies but the heel can be used for more than just one reason. If you happen to drop your keys in the dark, switch on your heel light to locate your lost key!
STYLE PROFILE: What would you wear with these dope girl fresh heels?
Of course you must not forget to accessorize with jewelry: pearls perhaps, to keep the Chanel spirit alive. Do not over due this outfit now, because you will take the attention off the shoe. It is very easy to do too much and not do enough. Keep it fresh and fun!

The model in the image is wearing a Jen Kao "FLO-ROADSTER JUMPSUIT WITH A COWL NECK/HOOD"

Black is the color available at http://www.funkylala.com/ for 1,895.00

So, Rhianna is such a risk taker and trend setter! Thanks to her own personal style "likes" and LYSA COOPER! Furthermore<>

Highlighter green/yellow Giambattista Valli dress on the red carpet at BET Awards was "iconic."

Who wouldn't want to receive mail when it looks like this!

Mr. Postman please send me YSL! Yves Saint Laurent (You're So Lucky in other words)
Hey Fellas don't feel left out just yet we got a treat for you tomorrow.......STAY TUNED!