Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Over-Done and Innovative Fashion Trends!

First Thing First:
Yesterday's blog contained three females with very fresh flavors and stunning styles. I will spotlight these ladies for the next three weeks. This week Rhianna gets the limelight and you will examine and observe the FLY-ness. What has she been wearing for the last couple weeks: CHECK IT OUT! THERE WERE TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM SO JUST STAY TUNED BECAUSE THIS IS HER WEEK. At the end of every week you will find out where the "spotlighted" stars got their out "Million-Dollar LOOK". You can mostly likely get it for less and I will show you how!
Overdone Trends:
This whole "Ed Hardy movement" is overdone and overworked as well as rhinestones.
I have a surprise for all my readers at the end of the night....you must stay tuned! WAIT ACTUALLY CHANEL HAS A SURPRISE FOR YOU!